Bosowa is a pioneer company from Eastern Indonesia region which is developing and growing rapidly and has become a national leading company with more than 40 years of experience. PT Bosowa was initially an acquisition company, the company acquired in 2009 was a security company called PT Royal Trust Capital, and in August 2013 changed its name to PT Bosowa Sekuritas. Today Bosowa is successfully running 10 business units, which are: Automotive, Cement, Logistics & Transportation, Mining, Property, Financial Service, Infrastructure, Energy, Media
and Multi Business. Bosowa will keep making several breakthroughs, development innovations and new synergies to strengthen its existence. The Management is getting more optimistic and highly enthusiastic to expand its business in various sectors, with the continuous support from the professional teams and the support from our highly committed group to keep expanding all lines of company businesses, especially in debt securities traders and stocks
intermediary sector.

To be a major national investment provider supported by excellent human resources, innovative solution, best services and an integrated system.

• Develop long term growth by trust and providing clients with all types of high quality fi nancial advisory and instruments.
• Financial strength and sustainable growth
• Customer satisfaction
• The most effi cient and reliable electronic trading system
• The best skilled professional
• Good Corporate Governance