Equity Trading

Supported by a Team of Experienced Sales & Brokerage, we  always puts the quality and accuracy of information and ensure confi dentiality of client administration. The entirre trade transaction is done automatically and is supported by an integrated risk management system. The management also commited in promoting compliance and transparency to ensure the security and trust our customers.

BOSS is Bosowa Online Trading System Securities. To make easier for customers to coduct stock transactions, PT. Bosowa Securities also provide online trading system. With relatively small deposit requirements and competitive
transaction costs, BOSS services aimed at improving costumers’  existing services, as well as introducing to beginner inverstors.


With the growin business in Bosowa Group, PT Bosowa Sekuritas adds new division; underwriting. Supported by a team of experienced and professional individuals, this division will be able to support some kind of fi nancial transactions to support the group not only inside, but also outside of the Bosowa Company Group.

Trading Debt Securities

Starting on November 8th, 2013, PT Bosowa Securities already has a Fixed Income division. Supported by an experienced team, we are commited to strengthen this business. We want PT Bosowa Securities to became one of the pioneers in developing securities brokerage services for retail clients.